Exposure Program in Germany

A delegation of MoPH was received for 10 days in November in Germany. For information exchange laboratories were toured as well as a range of elderly care facilities visited.


Photo: At the laboratory of Microbiological Institute Köln University

IMG_4143Photo: At the geriatric clinic Hütten Hospital in Dortmund

Second Endoscopy Workshop

Last August two more endoscopy equipments were distributed, one to the Hepatitis Hospital Pyongyang and one to the General Hospital Hamhung. The German doctor Markus Unnewehr gave his second practical workshop for the local staff. Mostly chronic Hepatitis patients are benefitting from the treatments.


Foto: At the Preventive Hepatitis Hospital Pyongyang


Foto: Installation at the General Hospital Hamhung

Evaluation of Laboratory Network

In May and at the end of the first project phase we visited four out of the 11 provincial CDC labs (Haeju, Hamhung, Pyongyang, Pyongyang City) and the central CDC lab in Pyongyang for an evaluation. Equipment and materials were at the sites and the staff was trained. Having newly installed functional lab capacities in an incipient national network the crucial point remains now to increase the number of samples for microbiological analysis which could be taken in by the hospitals in the closer catchment area. With the numbers the experiences will rise and quality of the analysis improve.


Foto: Look into the solar powered refrigerator with antisera


Foto: Results of the analyses will be shared with the central data base


Foto: Lab space at Pyongsong


Greenhouses and Shipments for Laboratories

Beginning of March after the Ebola preventive measures ended a new monitoring visit took place. In Hamhung we had a look at the four solar greenhouses in front of the Provincial General Hospital which received their final touch inside. At the Hospital itself we were shown the place where one of the two new endoscopy equipments will be installed. Up to now only a gastroscopy unit is working.

Greenhouses at the Muncheon TB care center, for the Wonsan TB Hospital and the Children Hospital had already produced first harvests.


Foto: Solar greenhouse for Wonsan TB Hospital


Foto: Mushroom production at greenhouse for Wonsan Pediatric Hospital

The Pyongyang CDC laboratory and Haeju CDC laboratory are now also ready to receive the laboratory equipment and materials which are still stored at the central warehouse.


Foto: Renovated Pyongyang CDC Laboratory

At the central warehouse we found as well the 1.000 blankets and 12 tons vegetable oil ready for distribution to mostly TB care centers.


Foto: Vegetable oil for TB care centers at the warehouse

Visit in January

Beginning of January after two months of hiatus Pyongyang was visited again. The Ebola preventive measures were still in place and hindered further movement to the project sites. Fruitful discussions about ongoing project activities were held with our North Korean counter part. Part of our supplies for the provincial CDC laboratories had arrived. Several trainings of lab assistants had been conducted during the past months. The remaining workshops are planned for the next weeks.

The two additional endoscopy units shipped before were found in the central store (see below). They will be distributed to the health facilities after doctors participated in the coming training workshop in February.


Visit to Sites of Laboratories and new Greenhouses

Out of the 15 new greenhouses 9 will be in South Hamgyong Province, 4 in Kangwon Province and 2 in Pyongyang area. During the last trip in October we had a look at 5 sites.

IMG_2995Photo: New solar greenhouse construction site at Doksong TB Care Center, South Hamgyong Province


Photo: Blocks prepared near greenhouse construction site at Munchon TB Care Center, Kangwon Province

The opportunity was also taken to visit 4 out of the 11 provincial laboratories where remodeling works are going on.


Photo: At the CDC Laboratory of North Pyongan Province at Sinuiju